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Under the Betting Act 1953, ‘open gambling house’ is illegal in Malaysia, but some laws such as the Lottery Act 1952 confirm the activities of the lottery and the Racing Act 1961 to allow betting on horse racing, but only for physical racing courses. In addition, the only gambling space in Malaysia is in Genting highlands. Then what about online gambling?

Online gambling is not directly referred to in this gambling act, until it is not considered invalid, allowing Malaysians to gamble online without any problem. Indeed, some of the world’s largest online casino welcomes players from Malaysia with open arms. However, the Malaysian government does not issue licenses for online casinos and also tries to prevent its citizens from accessing foreign sites by limiting payments to online casinos abroad.

One of the games that attracts casino visitors, regardless of background and age range, is “roulette,” either a regular casino or an online casino. There are various types of “roulette” and this will be discussed in the next section of this article. You may wonder what this “roulette” game attracts. The answer is in its easy-to-understand rules of play and the number of bets that can be made at any one time along with exciting game patterns and bets and can attract players for a long time. These features are also the ones that caused the game to become the craziness of online casino players.

The structure of the game is simple and easy to understand within a short time. However, experienced players will identify the complex betting system behind the “roulette” table layout that looks so plain. “Roulette” is one of the casino games where the probability is more favorable to casinos and “dealers”. However, hardcore roulette players will sense the illusion that they are actually controlling their fate at the “roulette” table due to the external features of this game that it appears that each round relies solely on fate.

There are two main types of roulette, the American version and the French / European version. The differences between the French and European versions will be further explained in this article. Basically, the difference between these two versions is that America’s “roulette” has two empty squares marked 0 and 00 while the French version only has an empty square marked 0. Although not least, this difference affects the probability calculation and the amount that will paid to players. As the American version is getting more and more welcome, it’s no surprise that this version is most often found in casinos, either a regular casino or an online casino.

The flexible “roulette” nature is the main attraction. Players have a variety of options in terms of number and number of bets, by color, number or set bet. Each compartment on the “roulette” table is numbered from 1-36 and these parcels intermingle between the red and the black. There are two types of bets that can be made at the “roulette” table ie the main bet (betting made in the main plot or the numbered plots 1-36) and side bets (betting made in the plots except the main plot).

Usually, the main bet is higher risk than side bets. Players only need to place the desired number of chips in their selection grid to make a bet. With easy calculations, players will be able to determine the probability of winning bets ie 1/38 for the American version and 1/37 for the French / European version.

For those who prefer challenges, players will bet on some parcels at any one time. Some like to bet on the color of the parcel, which is red or black or odd or even odd numbers. The possibilities are endless and the choice is in the hands of players. Players can also choose to bet on the sequence of numbers. This betting pattern increases the likelihood of a player’s number to be a winning number and relies on the probability of bringing home a bet to the player. However, the amount of payments will decrease.

As has been said, the possibility of winning in “roulette” is more inclined towards the casino party or “dealer”. The 00 parcel in the American version makes the amount of betting less smaller than the actual likelihood of a “roulette” ball picking your betting bill. Despite the seemingly insignificant, these 00 parcels bring benefits to the casino in the long run.

Some economic strategies are also adopted in this game such as Martingale’s strategy and Fibonacci sequence to increase the likelihood of victory. The dynamics behind ball throws, roulette wheels and areas that are likely to be high into the area of ​​the ball have been studied and identified by seasoned players. What can be shredded from all this is the estimated wager for each compartment on the $ 0.053 “roulette” table and the further count shows that the casino has a 5.3% advantage over players in each round.

As discussed earlier in this article, there are two major versions of “roulette”, the American version and the French / European version. This second version can be considered as separate and different versions and for the purposes of this article will be seen as the French version and the European version.

European roulette
The wheels on the European roulette table have 37 sections, numbered from 1 to 36 and numbered 0. At the roulette table there are also numbers with the number 0 located at the corner nearest to the wheel while the number 1 to 36 arranged in order at the center of the table. These numbered parcels are also red and black but color is not intermittent as in the American version. Players can choose to roulette bet on even numbers, odd numbers, colored squares, whether red or black or whatever combinations the player wants. The type of bets made depends on the available possibilities as well as the amount that was put on the table. The bet made on the numbers in the red square will be “even money” while the bet on the numbers from 1 to 36 will give 35-1 returns. Plot 0 gives 2.7% casino benefits to any of the bets made at the table. Most European “roulette” tables adopt the “la partage” rule where the selected number on the wheel is 0, the resulting side roulette bets will be paid half of the original bet amount.

American Roulette
The American roulette table has 38 parts on its wheels. The numbers are still the same as the European “roulette” table but have two squares marked 0 and 00. The number and plots 0 and 00 are still the same as the European version but the plots numbered 1 to 36 are between the colors between red and black. Bets are made in a way similar to the European version. The obvious differences here are 0 and 00 plots that will increase the advantage of casinos or “dealers” to 5.26% on every bet made on the table while the amount of payment is maintained at the same rate.

French roulette
The French “roulette” table has 37 parts on the wheel. Its basic layout and rules are still the same as the European “roulette” table although the numbered plots from 1 to 36 will be colored with the same color. The feature that distinguishes both versions is its game rules. “La partage” rules are still in use with “en prison” rules, where players can still retrieve their betting amount made in plot 0. This version also has variation rules in the way betting is known as “finales”, where the bet can be made at any number that ends with the same number.

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